Csaba Balazsi


Centre for Energy Research
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Konkoly-Thege M. 29-33
1121 Budapest

Tel: +36 1 392 2249
Fax: +36 1 392 2226


Dr Csaba Balázsi (MSc-1993, PhD-2000, DSc-2014) is a Scientific Adviser in Centre for Energy Research of Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

He is a metallurgical engineer with 20+ years of practice in various physical and chemical technologies of nanocomposite manufacturing, including nano-milling, hydrothermal, powder metallurgy,sintering, electrospinning. His research area covers R&D of high performance materials for medical, sensor and high temperature applications. He was involved in the development of nanoporous hexagonal tungsten oxide materials for gas sensors, carbon nanotube/graphene nano-platelet added silicon nitride ceramic composites for tribological applications and several other nanocomposites, including polymer based biocompatible composites for orthopedics. He is principal investigator or co-PI in several national (OTKA, NKTH, TéT, Eötvös, Bolyai) and international (FP7, NATO, NSF, ESA) research grants.

Earlier, he was head of the Ceramics and Nanocomposite Department, Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences for 7 years. Director of Materials Science and Technology Institute (BAY-ATI) between 2013 July – 2015 January and Head of Advanced Materials Department, Engineering Divison until October 2015. He is a member of scientific societies including the American Ceramic Society (ACERS), the European Materials Research Society (EMRS), Scientific Society of Silicate Industry-President of Fine Ceramics section (SZTE), European Ceramic Society Member of Council Board (ECERS), Young Researchers Board – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Bolyai Advisory Board Member – HAS, Member American Nano Society, Hungarian Society of Materials Science Board.